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There are currently two regulations which apply to Oil Storage which affect the domestic user, these are detailed below:

According to the Building Regulations part 1. Single family dwellings where the heating system does not exceed 45 kW and storage does not exceed 3500 litres the tanks require:

  1. Fireproof base extending 300mm outside the tank on all sides except the side next to an approved type of building or boundary wall, or a fire screen wall. If located more than 1.8 meters from a building or 760mm from a boundary - no other protection.

  2. Any combustible eaves within 1.8 meters of the top of the tank, and for a further distance of 300mm on each side must be given 30 minutes fire resistance.

  3. Any part of the tank within 1.8 meters of an opening in a building wall must be protected by a type A screen wall. Small openings such as airbricks do not       count as openings requiring protection.

  4. Any part of the tank next to a wall with a resistance to internal fire of less than 30 minutes must be protected by a type "A" screen wall.


30 minutes non-combustible construction, prevent the passage of direct radiated heat and extend not less than 300mm beyond the top and ends of the tank. (BS5410 : Part 1 1997)

The Regulations relating to Pollution Controls are as follows:
  • If the tank capacity is in excess of 2,500 litres;
  • Is located within 10 metres of controlled water;
  • Is located where spillage could run into an open drain or loose fitting manhole cover;
  • Is within 50 meters of a borehole (well) or spring;
  • Is on hard ground or hard surface ground that could enable spillage run-off to reach controlled waters;
  • Is located in a position where the vent pipe outlet is not visible from the fill point;
IF ANY OF THE ABOVE APPLY, THEN A BUNDED TANK (that is a tank within another tank), NEEDS TO BE USED.

Any other potential hazard individual to the site:
It should be noted that foliage intended to screen an external tank should be restricted to a distance of 600mm from the tank.


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